A web development company can create many types of sites – a stylish static website or a contemporary word press site. They can also create an elaborate ecommerce website that includes various platforms and content management systems, all great sites have one thing in common – a plan from start to finish

Web development must touch on all facets of building your website, which includes page design, content creation, web software development (client / server side coding), All these steps are fundamental to a successful site and that’s where Acuity helps you the most. You have trusted experts to show you the process.


Picking the right ecommerce website development company is imperative because security and performance are paramount. Your credibility and liability are on the line when you own an ecommerce website. By using a trusted ecommerce web development company, you can have an efficient and secure online store with an infrastructure that serves your purpose today and possibly for years to come.


Managing your site’s content in the HTML code can be gruelling at best. That’s where services like content management system can simplify your life. Everything is neatly comprised and changes are made with just a few keystrokes. The coding creates; you have more time to focus on other pursuits – whether it’s more time for work or play.


Web-based applications are so ingenious and they can really do it all, from sharing simple documents to comprehensive customer relations management. There’s really no limit to what can be created via custom web application development – educational portals, job search portals, time tracking systems, ERPs and more. So whether you need custom software for internal company use or you want to create a re-selling application (SaaS), finding the right software development company is the key.


Let’s say your innovative idea brings you 200 customers today, but 200,000 next month. How do you keep track of everyone? If you consult the right team from the start, there’s no worry. With our web database expertise on MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL and Couch Base, we will format and organize all your information and integrate it across numerous platforms and applications.