Web interface, and user interface, is an industry term that describes what happens between the site you build and your customer’s experience with it. When your site is constructed for the end users (your customers), it’s important that the elements they encounter on your web pages work properly and quickly. The right website design team understands the ‘mechanics’ of web construction, but also recognizes the importance of making life easy for your visitors.


Frontend web development is a marriage between programming and aesthetics. Or in other words, it’s about creating the right programs for your site while making them look appealing on the page too. By using html5 web design, SIT can create website designs and motion graphics that run on any device. It’s functionality without losing an artistic edge.


Responsive web design, also known in some circles as smart phone design or mobile website design, means your site can be viewed on any platform – phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. a majority of people use their phones to surf the web. Your site needs to keep up with the times and responsive web design does just that.