Business Analysis

Sapphire Information Technology contact canters recruits and blends highly trained agents with proactive management and Customers get the best service from us. Combining scalable,(Sapphire Information Technology) ensures long term success for outsourced program
Successful functioning of the system is very critical for any software application. Quality management is a procedural and data driven approach to eliminating the defects from the desired target of quality. Industries are often challenged with meeting highest quality standards to deliver the best quality and unique software solutions that reduce costs and now more than ever, increase customer satisfaction .All organizations are supported by softwares directly or indirectly. In the process of software development, the organizations should ensure quality standards in all the steps they do. At the same time organizations that outsource the development should also verify the quality standards of the software through quality management practice. The reliability of the software is an important aspect of software quality. Attracting new customers and retaining them impose great challenge in this business scenario. Quality management is the very efficient strategy for this.

Quality Analyst:

We frequently review the Agent calls and Review targets to each agent on regular basis and will give individualized coaching on areas for improvement.
Dedicated Escalators, Tier 2 agents: Assist with escalations, training, and knowledge base development.

Sapphire Information Technology:PerformanceMeasuring includes following factors
  • Recording of calls.
  • Telemarketing.
  • To perform real-time Quality Analysis
  • Develop quality criteria for evaluations or use/modify existing forms.